Full Circle

I did this before and I’m doing it again. Only this time I have the freedom of being entirely candid, which is not a luxury I’ve always had in my writing due to prior work, church, and social affiliations.  I stopped writing becauseI became discouraged that I couldn’t make it work as a career. Not quickly anyway, and I couldn’t afford to keep trying and failing to make enough money. And I was embarrassed that I couldn’t make it work. I shouldn’t have given up. I should have realized that these things take time and in order to be successful you have to be able to say things without fear of repercussion, without fear of losing your social status or relationships and I was not in that position when I was trying to be a full time writer. I was very much afraid of the impression I would make on those around me (particularly in the church that I was member to at the time) and terrified of the impact that impression would have on me and my family if they didn’t like it. Ultimately, my fears came to fruition anyway and it had nothing to do with my writing at all, and everything to do with crooked people walking crooked paths, doing crooked things and claiming them in God’s name. Fortunately, I have reached a point in my life where my opinions and experiences can be my own and I am free to share them however and with whomever I choose. I don’t know what I’ll write here… Some journal entries, some short stories, some poetry, some opinions, art… Whatever! Read it or don’t.





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  1. I loved your previous work (not because I’m your mom), but because your talent amazing no matter what it is you do. I’m so excited about this new venture of yours.


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